Organic Honey

It is believed that organic honey is a healthier choice as it's tested to be free of pesticides or environmental pollutants.

Straight from the hive to the bottle delivers the promise of the highest quality honey available! Prepared with the best methodologies possessing genuine certification to guarantee authenticity and nutritional value.

Why we add honey to our daily diet?

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    Rich in Antioxidants

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    Helps Suppress Coughs in Children

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    Promotes Healing of Burns and Wound

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    Improve Cholesterol Levels

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    Increases athletic performance

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    Prevents cancer and heart disease

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    Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders

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    Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal

Since ancient times, honey has been used for nutrition and medicine.

  • It’s rich in plant compounds that are beneficial for the human body and offers several health benefits.

  • Recommended for people with heart illness, Honey is used extensively to strengthen the heart and its functions, it strengths the heart muscle and helps to protect the heart from shiver.

  • Honey also increases fertility, sexual capacity and desire, contains vitamins and sexually stimulant substances called Fertility vitamin with some few additions it doubles its benefits

  • A number of researches proved that consuming honey by diabetics improved many of their associated disorders, such as lowering some elevated liver enzymes, lowering the level of high triglycerides, lowering the cumulative blood sugar level, raising good cholesterol and stimulating the pancreas. Insulin secretion

We offer a wide range of natural honey types

  • Citrus Honey

  • Clover Honey

  • Black Seed Honey

  • Camphor Honey

  • Honey with Nuts

  • Blossom Honey

  • Mountain Honey

  • Marjoram Honey

  • Queen Royal Honey

  • Pollen of Dates Honey

High-quality honey can be distinguished by fragrance, taste, and consistency. Ripe, freshly collected, high-quality honey flows from a knife in a straight stream without breaking into separate drops, After falling down it forms a bead, when poured if forms small temporary layers that disappear fairly quickly indicating high viscosity.

Our Packaging options

Depending on the intended market, honey may be bottled directly into small containers for retail sale or into large drums for storage or export. In an effort to appeal to a wide range of consumers, honey is packaged in containers of many different sizes and styles. These include glass jars, plastic tubs and squeezable jugs.

Like most aspects of honey processing, bottling can involve automation in large operations, or manual labour such as a hand valve on a plastic pail in smaller operations.